Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards are such an important component of a classroom’s atmosphere. Celebrate the holidays with colorful, festive, and creative Christmas bulletin boards. Students love to help with decorating, so encourage children to get involved with elements of the display.

454 Christmas AngelsHere are few simple and inexpensive bulletin boards which use recycled materials for backdrops:

The Gift is in the Giving
Dye burlap using red fabric dye. Cover the bulletin board with the dyed burlap. Create a large Christmas tree out of poster board or construction paper and attach to bulletin board. Discuss gifts that come from the heart and encourage children to brainstorm some type of good deed they could do for a loved one, their school or their community.  Children can write or dictate their ideas on an index card or 5x5 inch piece of construction paper. Next, each child can decorate the Christmas gift card and add their name. Staple the gifts around the Christmas tree.

Let it Snow
Cover the bulletin board with leftover fabric in red, sky blue, or green. Together with the students, create a Christmas snowman out of poster board and attach to bulletin board.  Create paper snowflakesand let the children decorate them with glitter. Add the child’s name to the snowflake along with a statement about the one thing they love about Christmas the most. Alternatively, attach a photo of the child to their snowflake.

Christmas Angels
Using light blue wrapping paper or a blue table cloth, cover the entire bulletin board.  Decorate the board with white construction paper clouds. Next, children
can make footprint angels. Encourage children to create a white footprint on a piece of construction paper. Then children can create two gold handprints placing one on each
side of the base of the angel. Turn the footprint upside down, and then place the photo of the face of a child at the top of the footprint angel.  Place the angels on the
bulletin board and add a snappy Christmas title.

About the Author
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