Use Clip Art to Make your own Christmas Stickers

Use free clip art online to create fun and easy-to-make holiday stickers. This makes a great craft for kids; they can even pick out the pictures that they want to use from the seemingly endless catalogs of online clip art, and the best part about it? It’s virtually free! Homemade stickers can be used to fill Christmas stockings, decorate Christmas presents or as a special activity for a Christmas party. This is also a great way to make your own gift labels, or name tags for a holiday party.


Supplies Needed to Make Christmas Stickers:

  • Color laser or inkjet printer
  • Printer-ready sticker paper (available from office supply stores)
  • Computer
  • Christmas clip art

Directions for Making Christmas Stickers

Clip art can usually be easily found by searching for the terms, “free clip art,” or you can use the clip art provided above. Once you find the pictures you want to use for your stickers, create a document in MS Word or Publisher. Fill the page with the desired clip art or use the pictures provided.

Put the sticker paper in the printer tray and print. Be careful to insert the paper correctly in the tray so that the stickers print on the proper side of the paper. If you don’t know what side of the paper your printer prints on, a good tip is to test with regular printer paper so that you don’t waste the sticker paper. Mark one side of the regular printer paper and pay attention to what side the mark is facing in the printer tray. Print your test page, and this will tell you which side to face your sticker paper.

Cut the stickers out carefully, leaving a border around the edge of the design. If making gift labels or name tags, space the clip art out on your document so that you can cut out your desired shapes.

Thrill a child by turning his or her chosen designs into their very own Christmas stickers. Using free online resources like clip art is a great money saver, and is also fun for the kids!

About the Author
Nancy Pringle is a professional chef and freelance writer, published on several websites, with over 10 years of experience with writing about family related activities, travel, food and holiday ideas.