Quilt Batting Snowman Ornament

These adorable snowmen ornaments are so easy to make, you’ll have an army of them decorating your tree before you know it. The first part of the project is a bit messy and probably best suited for older kids. Kids of all ages can try their hand at giving the snowmen faces with fabric markers. You’ll be surprised at the creative snowmen they’ll churn out!


Materials Needed

  • Quilt batting
  • Fabric stiffener, like Stiffy
  • Black and orange fabric markers
  • Red and green embroidery floss
  • Waxed paper
  • Scissors

Directions for Snowman Ornaments

Spread the quilt batting flat on a table. Cut out snowman shapes with sharp scissors.

Pour fabric stiffener in a plastic container. Dip snowmen, one at a time. Gently squeeze out excess stiffener. Place snowmen flat on a piece of waxed paper.

Cut 4-inch lengths of embroidery floss. Dip in fabric stiffener. Place around the snowmen necks and tie in a bow. Mold the bow into the desired shape. Let dry overnight.

When the snowmen are dry, use fabric markers to draw eyes, mouths, carrot noses and buttons.

Loop a piece of embroidery floss and attach to the backs of the snowmen for hanging.  

About the Author
Barb Hacker is a mom to three boys and a freelance writer.