Perfectly Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

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Roasting pumpkin seeds is not only a good way to utilize all parts of your pumpkin when making your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern, but pumpkin seeds are jam packed with protein and fiber, and kids love them to boot!

It is easy to roast pumpkin seeds, and fun to make this healthy Halloween snack. First, remove pumpkin seeds while pulp is still soft and rinse the seeds under cold water. For best results, soak the pumpkin seeds in salt water overnight. Place the seeds in a single layer of a baking sheet. Toss with olive or canola oil until all seeds are coated. For an easier method, spray with a nonstick cooking spray to coat the seeds. Lightly sprinkle with salt and bake at 325 F until toasted or about 25 min.

Tip: For a sweet treat, try soaking pumpkin seeds in sugar water overnight. Toss in canola oil and roast. Finish by sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar.

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