Christmas Tree Fruit Centerpiece

Want a centerpiece that doesn’t go to waste? How about an edible fruit Christmas tree centerpiece. If you’re okay with people dismantling your centerpiece before the Christmas meal is actually served, then this is a fabulous idea. I think it’s awesome for a centerpiece as it encourages snacking before the meal and healthy snacking at that. You can decorate the tree in whatever fruits you want, but the choice of fruits pictured here is really a vibrant celebration of the holiday and the traditional color scheme.


The original instructions call for a Styrofoam cone to serve as the base and then fruit is simply stabbed into it to form a full and lush fruit tree. I’ve seen this same tree made on Facebook and the instructions called for a cored out apple with a carrot stabbed into it to form the base. If you’re a food purist and don’t want to use the Styrofoam, then go the apple/carrot route, but I don’t think stabbing that many toothpicks into a carrot is going to work well, nor will it give you the full, lush cone shape you want. I suggest using the Styrofoam.

Also, you’ll notice the original image features a cantaloupe star on the top, but it’s very blurry and probably not actually part of the original picture, but maybe photo shopped in. So, don’t expect your tree topper to look exactly the same. Another note, it appears as if they created little trees and gingerbread men made with cantaloupe and a cookie cutter to fill out the tree, this can be tricky and you can just stick to melon balls if you wish, its much easier and takes less time.

Visit Ginger and Garlic to see the instructions on how to make this amazing looking edible Christmas tree centerpiece.

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Kristin is a freelance writer and runs a decorative paint business.