Cheap Christmas Candy Cane Centerpiece

2329 Candy Cane Centerpiece

Anybody else have a tiny budget this holiday? I know I sure do and so any place I can find to cut corners and save money is pretty exciting. This centerpiece is so incredibly simple and actually can cost you less than five dollars. In fact, except for the candy canes, I have all of the supplies on hand right now.

This centerpiece features the candy cane vase surrounding some roses, which are expensive, but I don’t use the roses, I use a potted plant or something else.  Basically, to make this candy cane centerpiece you purchase individually wrapped candy canes and hot glue gun them together around the outside of a vase or a terracotta pot. Tie a ribbon around the cane stems and then fill the vase or pot with flowers, a pot, or anything you can think of. Of course the traditional red and white candy cane is suggested but they do come in a large variety of colors nowadays, so you can make one to coordinate with virtually any holiday color scheme you have in mind.

This is not only a fantastic centerpiece idea, it can also be used as a simple holiday gift for a teacher or a hostess.

Find the original instructions and more photographs to help you make this candy cane centerpiece at the Fancy Frugal Life blog.

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Kristin is a freelance writer and runs a decorative paint business.