How to Make Coat Hanger Christmas Trees

Coat hanger Christmas trees are a fun little craft for anyone in the family and they also make nice little decorations for home or office.

6 Wire coat hangers
Twist ties
1 50-bulb strand of lights
2-4 thick tinsel garlands
Several tiny ornaments

Pair up the hangers and connect one corner of each together with a twist tie. Take 2 of the pairs and place them next to each other with the tied sides together and the hooks together, sort of like butterfly wings with open/unattached sides out. Use twist ties to connect the “connected” corners and the hook sides, being sure to attach above the hooks.

443 Attach the third pair of coat hangers in a similar fashion so it makes a sort of tripod. But leave the hooks on this pair a little bit lower than the other two. Twist the hooks so they form their own tripod, branching out from the center of the longer “legs”.

444 Pull the hooks apart from each other and secure them to the next closest hanger with twist ties, bending the hanger part up and in a bit. The metal hangers may need a lot of bending to get them to cooperate. This will leave you with six branches now rather than a tripod.

Grab your light strand and place the first light where a tree topper would go and secure it with twist ties. Run the “empty” length of cord down the center, securing it as you go and leaving the additional cord and plug dangling.

Wrap the rest of the lights around the outer edges of the hangers and secure them in place with twist ties.

448 Wrap the garland around the center stem and secure in place, then wrap it from the top to the bottom running it around and around keeping things very tight and lush. Decorate with ornaments and voila!

About the Author
Kristin is a freelance writer and runs a decorative paint business.